Corporate Risk Management

M.F. Irvine is an expert in the management of risk.  We provide solutions to complex business issues for companies throughout the United States.  Over the past 23 years, we have been dedicated to reducing the overall cost of risk for our clients. With an experienced team of industry professionals, we focus on protecting company assets while lowering bottom line costs.

Outsourced Risk Management

Managing your insurance costs successfully demands skill and expertise.  We provide seamless Outsourced Risk Management Services to reduce the Total Cost of Risk.  Our experience has taught us to break Risk Management into manageable tasks where progress can be measured to provide the desired outcome for our clients.  This includes the identification, evaluation, control and potential transfer of risk.  M.F. Irvine’s experienced team of risk professionals are dedicated to managing your risk and insurance exposures.

We recognize every organization is unique with different needs.  This is why our process starts with an assessment of the current state of your business. This includes reviewing the current practices and procedures to:

  1. Identify areas of improvement and efficiency in existing processes
  2. Identify process and procedures that need to be developed and implemented
  3. Establish channels of communication with organization end users to implement best practices
  4. Maximize the services provided by the current insurance carriers, brokers and vendors
  5. Leverage available claims data to direct services where needed to reduce the total cost of risk

The goal is to focus on key areas where we can have the greatest impact on cost.


Our client list and experience includes both public and privately held corporations throughout the United States with some of the most complex insurance exposures including construction, manufacturing, distribution, real estate development, health care, technology and social media.

Outsourced Risk Management Areas of Expertise:

  • Public and Private Directors & Officers Liability
  • Coverage Reviews & Exposure Identification
  • Self Insured and Loss Sensitive Plans
  • Captives
  • RFP and Vendor Selection
  • Broker & TPA Management
  • Administrative Process Improvements

Property & Casualty Insurance Services

The M.F. Irvine Property & Casualty Brokerage Team is committed to protecting the assets of our clients.  We understand insurance is not simply an annual transaction.  Our clients are smart.  They expect more than premium savings and value a business partner who can deliver coverage expertise and a tailored service experience.  We provide our clients with a level of knowledge, experience and creativity not offered to the middle market.

To earn your business, we start by taking the time and dedicating the resources to understand your company’s unique exposures.  Utilizing our experience and technical expertise we perform a thorough gap analysis of your company’s risk management program taking into account your exposures, current insurance coverages, contractual risk transfer needs, and loss history.  The end result is an easy to understand executive summary identifying any gaps in your risk management program.  This process allows you the opportunity to address any identified issues before you experience a financial loss.

Our goal is not to sell you product, but to help you understand your exposures so you can make informed business decisions in the best interests of your company.

Our commercial insurance team works with all industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Healthcare
  • Distribution
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Social Services
  • Financial
  • Hospitality
  • Professional