Legislative Compliance

M.F. Irvine’s team of professionals takes great pride in guiding our clients through today’s rapidly shifting legislative landscape.  We understand and provide proactive thought leadership on the balance between cost saving initiatives and compliance issues.

We have a track record of successfully shepherding clients through Department of Labor audits.  Because of the thorough compliance evaluation and recommendations delivered to these clients in advance of the DOL audits, none of our clients have incurred financial penalties or been required to take significant corrective action at the conclusion of the DOL’s investigation.

We regularly assist clients with research on unique, industry-specific client issues such as local legislation, collective bargaining implications, Service Contract Act employees, temporary/seasonal employees, interns and many more.  Our approach is not to send clients lengthy legal documents that are difficult to interpret and let them work through issues on their own.  Our responsibility to our clients is to present our research in layman’s terms and map out options and recommendations that keep the plan in compliance while considering both plan cost and the employee experience.

At a glance our list of compliance services includes:

  • Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions (review and/or creation)
  • Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report preparation
  • Comprehensive Affordable Care Act guidance including
    • “Pay or Play” strategy
    • Sections 6055 & 6056 reporting
    • Full time employee determination
    • Cadillac Tax modeling and avoidance
    • Fee payments (Temporary Reinsurance; Comparative Effectiveness Research)
  • Required Notices and Disclosures
  • COBRA guidance and administration
  • Real-time access to PHR and SPHR certified Human Resource Professionals
  • On-demand library of compliance related documents, tools, and templates