Data Driven Wellness Program

We have invested in the people, processes, and technology to deliver Population Health Management (PHM) programs to our clients that are designed to specifically address the most prevalent and costly disease burdens in their unique covered populations.  Through the aggregation of claim data, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) responses, and biometric screenings; we provide our clients with detailed insight into what health issues covered employees are being treated for, what health issues they should be treated for, and how ready they are to engage in changes that will positively impact their health.  We use that data to deliver an overall health profile to our clients and then begin the work of creating a multi-year strategy for a wellness program that is tailored to address the conditions that are common and costly among their population.

The key to maximizing return on a wellness plan investment is not only employee participation, but ongoing employee engagement.  Our solution includes highly customizable incentive structures that encourage employees to participate in the program and maintain engagement throughout each plan year.  Incentives range from gift cards, contribution discounts/penalties, vanishing deductibles, contributions to HRA and HSA accounts, or PTO days.  We manage both the tracking and fulfillment of these incentives, up to and including direct integration with payroll vendors to administer discounts or penalties in employee contributions toward their health coverage.  Ongoing engagement is maintained not only through continued incentives, but making the wellness program accessible and easy to use via an online member portal and mobile app, employee navigators to troubleshoot issues, and rewards for outcomes rather than activity.

Successful Population Health Management programs are built over time, focusing on distinct phases of Assessment, Awareness, Action, and Adoption.  M.F. Irvine has the resources and the experience to strategically guide our clients through each of these phases by appropriately leveraging our investment noted above in people, process and technology.